Online Improvers Pilates course (10th Aug – 18th Sep 2020)



For those who have already completed a beginners Pilates course and want to progress and improve on their core strength, mobility and flexibility at a safe, yet challenging speed.

Improvers Pilates works on correcting posture and strengthening core muscles. Pilates has been proven to help elevate back pain and other muscular problems. This class is specially designed for people who have never done Pilates before. There is a very strong focus on technique and establishing good form of the basic exercises.

Below is the structure for the 6 week course;

Each Monday –  pre recorded class

Each Wednesday at 7pm – Live class via Zoom or Facebook

Weekends – short pre recorded class

Daily – Ongoing support via Facebook group

If you have any questions regarding the Improvers Pilates Online course email Tanya at