Corporate Wellness

Why work with me?

No matter what size of your organization, I can deliver training and tools you need to change culture, increase engagement, contain costs and improve the lives of your employees.

  • Improved organizational culture

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved employee recruitment

  • Retention of top talent

  • Promote healthier lifestyle among employees

  • Build, increase and sustain employee morale

  • Improved life outside of work

  • Be seen as a great place to work

What my clients say...

Tanya took each of my employees on a one to one basis and did a full analysis. She was great at taking the stretches at our morning meetings. She took it one step ahead and recorded stretches for us to do when she wasn’t there. they were done in a Lean way and fun and easy to do. We really noticed the benefits of these, less stiff etc. She made us healthy treats which every one enjoyed.

Dan Made
Kevin McKeever
Danmade and TGG

At Seating Matters it’s all about our people. Having Tanya come in and give presentations at our morning meeting is a good way of giving back. Tanya’s presentations are always engaging, fun and easy to understand. It’s the small incremental improvements that really add up and Tanya’s wellness program ties in well with what we’re always striving to do – grow and develop our people. I would highly recommend Tanya to any company who genuinely wants to help develop the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Seating Matters
Ryan Tierney
Seating Matters

SJG worked with TY fitness to deliver a series of wellness and nutritionally focused workshops for our team of 250 staff as part of our annual wellness awareness week. Tanya worked with our HSEQ team to tailor the workshops series to our teams requirements. She raised awareness of food types, nutritional content of food, diet and exercise tips. Our team benefited from Tanya’s personal approach, expert knowledge of nutritional and fitness as a wellness professional.

Paula McCloskey
Specialist Joinery Group