About Tanya

Health Coach, nutritionist, naturopath, personal trainer

Tanya Young has been a fitness instructor for 20 years providing bespoke training on a one to one basis for clients and also in group classes. She is also qualified in remedial massage and reflexology.

Tanya is qualified in many disciplines of exercises but she now focus mostly on Pilates, Buggy Workout, Personal training, health, wellness & nutrition.

Tanya has been recommending healthy eating plans/foods to her clients over the years but wanted to find out more, dig deeper into nutrition and lifestyle, so she studied and graduated as a Nutritional Therapist in 2016 from the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Spin (Johnny G), Vibe Cycle, exercise to music, gym instructor, Pilates, Pre & Post natal, Pump fx, Blast fx, Kettle bells, children’s fitness, aqua aerobics, step aerobics, circuit training, fit ball, personal trainer, Zumba, Naturopathic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Remedial massage, advanced reflexology, A1 assessors award.

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Nutritional experience

By studying how the body interacts with food, how food can be used as a medicine for the body, and by understanding how different foods bring different benefits to the body, Tanya Young has developed an unrivalled experience in specifying nutritional plans for her clients.

Tanya has dealt with a very wide range of clients with a very wide range of different needs. Her qualifications and study has allowed her to develop a deep understanding over time on how different natural products interact and provide the right levels of nutrition to the body, without starving it of essential nutrients that the body needs to remain healthy.

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What my clients say...

I have known Tanya for about 5 years. Even after all this time she still challenges me each week. She really knows her job and helps adapt movements to suit individual needs and knows how to push me beyond my comfort zone.

Personal Training

When my back pain became unbearable I finally decided to try Pilates and ended up joining Tanya’s class on a friend’s recommendation. What a difference in just a few weeks! An instructor who knows what they’re talking about.

S. Kelly
Pilates class

Tanya creates a great atmosphere allowing you to not only improve your fitness level but to unwind. Tanya is encouraging and ensures you get the most out of each session

Pilates class

As someone who was very sceptical about the benefits of Pilates, I have found that my personal performance in my sports of kayaking, running and cycling have improved. Tanya's Pilates classes have been central to this improvement.

Pilates class

Personal Training

Tanya provides bespoke training that understands what each client is capable of, how far they can be challenged, what goals are realistic and what goals should be strived for. In the past Tanya has worked with a wide range of people to assist them to reach their goals, working with children, teenagers, mums and dads, old or infirm, amateur athletes and professional sports people.

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