On-line 7 Day Mid Section Meltdown

The 7 day group will be open during January 2023 .  The perfect time to shift those surplus pounds gained over Christmas.

What my clients say...

It's crazy the amount of weight I lost in 7 days. I've never have achieved this with any other diet. Bonus is I feel great too. So much energy, and a kick in my step. Well worth the £14. Tanya was so supportive even if I cursed her up and down during the online exercise classes. Thank god she couldn't see or hear me!! Big love too to all the ladies in the group. What a supportive team we were. Loved everyones hints and tips and pictures. Thank you. I'm not stopping this. Prepped enough for next week's dinners. So glad I did this and stuck at it. #6lboff #feelingpumped


Whilst I didn't do the weigh in I was measuring by how I was feeling inside and can't thank Tanya enough for all her encouragement, motivation, dedication and inspiration to the group. For me personally I'm feeling alot more energised, motivated and inspired around healthy eating and excercise which was lacking from my life especially since lockdown. Thanks again Tanya and also the group members for the support and encouragement.