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You can buy TY Fitness merchandise either at one of the classes or by contacting Tanya.


November Special Offer
Hoodie - £18.00

TY Fitness t-shirt

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TY Fitness Towel

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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder. The best way to improve your fitness and see results is to train at the right intensity.

So with a heart rate monitor (and a good instructor if using it during a class), you can make sure you’re not over or under training, and make each session count. A heart rate monitor will motivate you every time you train. Heart rate monitors range from £39 up to £400!

Some just tell you what your heart rate is, others tell you how many calories you burn during each workout, when you’re fat burning and when you’re calorie burning!

The more complex ones even tell you what to do everyday i.e. it will consider how hard you have been working on the previous days and will tell you if you need to take a recovery day. This type of training will optimise your fitness levels and help achieve your goals quickly.

Combine a complex heart rate monitor with Tanya Young as your personal trainer and you’re on a winner!!

Polar Heart Rate Monitors £39 - £350