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Getting Started with TY Fitness

Download PARQ form here and bring it to your first class

It's always great to see new people at our classes. Here are a few pointers to follow when coming to your first class.

When attending your first class at TY fitness please;

  • Make the instructor aware that it’s your first time
  • Come 10 -15 minutes early so as to give the instructor time to help you
  • If possible, print off and fill out the PARQ form and bring with you to your first class

Studio Cycling Class Induction session

Before taking part in a Studio Cycling class you should attend an induction session which is on a Saturday morning 10 – 10.30am.

During the induction session you will be shown how to safely and correctly set up the Studio Cycling bike.

If you can’t make it on a Saturday morning, you can still come along to the evening classes but it is busier at the evening classes and the instructor may not have as much time to spend settling you in.

Here's some advice for when you're in a class

Advice for Studio Cycling class
In the Studio Cycling classes you are in control of the tension on your bike. Someone who is used to Studio Cycling will have their tension higher but will be doing the same as you. As you get fitter you can gradually increase the tension at your own pace.

Essentials for Studio Cycling

  • Bottle of water (water can be bought at the studio. 750ml Riverock £1)
  • Towel
  • Trainers
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Vest top or t-shirt
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins

What not to wear or bring to Studio Cycling class

  • Loose or wide tracksuit bottoms
  • Plimsolls
  • Chewing gum

Pump & Kettlebell classes
In the pump and kettlebell classes you can chose your own weights. Start off with light weights so as to perform the movements with the correct technique then as you get stronger you can increase the weight.